Mixed Media on Wood Panel

Gassed up for Life…

Our Sun is much more than just warmth for our bodies and light for our paths. She is the very sustainer of life for all the beings, plants and animals alike that dwell beneath her. The remarkable thing about this wonderful star and source of energy is she asks for nothing in return.

Many have cursed and worshiped her in the same breath, yet she wavers not. The vast benefits of what she provides our planet go unnoticed by most who just take her for granted as they immerse themselves in the rat race of busyness.

I take time every morning as she is coming up over the horizon to sit and just gaze upon her for a spell. Just like a wise ancestor, she shares her ancient wisdom and knowledge as I marvel at what she reveals with each encounter.

I truly understand the “be-ing” aspect of our “hue-man” existence and the beautiful orchestration of this musical called life…