Light Bringers

Mixed Media on Wood Panel

Loving Emotional Data…

As pure positive energy beings, incarnating in human suits, it is easy to image us as extraordinary vessels holding the creative light emitting diode (LED) of source consciousness.

Our eternal mission… to be the Light Bringers as we expand our knowledge through the experiences of living.

Our sensory readings are contained within our emotions. We must learn to love the emotional data, which is our feedback indicator of where we are at any given time.

Simply put when you feel bad that is an emotional sign that whatever you are thinking, allowing or believing is not lining up with the pure love of source that is you.

Fun in all forms has a unique way of keeping you on your positive alignment track as happiness and joy are contagious and will spread to every area of your life.

Faith is contained in letting go, trusting in the purity of all that you are and expecting that everything is always working out on your behalf.