My artistic story starts with a dream of becoming a full-time artist at the all-knowing age of 14. I was captivated by the artwork found in the comic books I read. A classmate saw some of my comic drawings and told me that I needed to leave that child’s play alone and step my game up with some “real” art. With that statement, my like-minded new friend introduced me to the fantastic art of Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo and I was hooked for life. I further deepened my desire to paint by watching Bob Ross on television. He looked like he was having such fun and he made it appear really easy, which was the skill sets that he possessed. The biggest joy I discovered was how calming his painting style made me feel.

I completed my architectural degree at Tuskegee University, Alabama in 1989 and expanded upon my love of fantasy art and took up the painting and sculpting of resin models. I used a variety of mediums to make these amazing sculptures come to life. Eventually these acrylic, watercolor, pastel, and oil paint mediums found their way onto some canvases.

After years of experimenting while developing my artistic voice, I discovered that I loved working with bright colors and movement, thus developing my “Kinetic Spectrum” style of painting. Regardless of the subject matter, I feel all my paintings are abstract in nature because I am looking to capture the emotion of how the image makes me feel and not the literal interpretation of the objects, persons or creatures within the creation.

My style is very unique in its constant state of expansion. I combine techniques and mediums that normally stand on their own to arrive at my new creative position. My mixed media approach evokes a response from each viewer because of the state that I am in when I create my works. I must be in a peaceful vortex of positive vibration to paint as I am one with “Source Energy” itself, which is pure love and clarity. Just imagine gazing upon a work that awakens within you the full knowledge of all that you truly are and what that would do for your life’s journey. I only create original works because I believe that each one of my paintings has been designed for a specific collector. It’s my mission to ensure that this unity takes place to complete my circle of creative intention.

As an intuitive artist, I navigate mediums and surfaces using color, composition and most of all control. My wet-on-wet layering technique varies with each project and can consist of molding paste, graphite, acrylic/oil paints, colored inks, watercolors, mica flakes, glass beads and gouache paint being applied in varying stages until a scene or flow is created that moves me like a symphony being composed organically on the spot.