Mixed Media on Wood Panel

Deep Diving…

Have you ever wanted something, so badly that it seemed the more you tried the worse it became? I have listened to countless folks talk about the big things that they desired in life that keep alluding them no matter what they put into motion.

What if I told you that the bigger the description size of something the harder it is to accomplish. Psychologically speaking conditioning has taught us to associate Goliath desires as things that require superhuman feats, luck beyond reason and a large facet of time that typically exceeds our life expectancy.

What we perceive as a small desire can manifest within hours or days because we know that it can come to fruition due to a similar experience from our past that required little to no effort.

Now if we deeply dive into the abyss where thoughts become things and things become reality it takes the Universe no additional effort to create anything large or small beyond our level of knowing and expectancy.

We add unnecessary resistance on our path just by viewing certain things in a false light based on bad conditioning from our past. A belief is just something you keep telling yourself that then proves its existence repeatedly due to the law of attraction.

In this intention based Universe you always get what you think about or believe for yourself. You must change your vibration to change your outcome. You cannot expect new beings using outdated programming.

A person with a mentality of a glass that is half-empty focuses on lack and shortage. A person with the mindset of a glass that is half-full is content and eagerly looking for more. Your perception does make your reality. Weed the garden of your heart and plant new seeds and watch the bountiful blessings unfold before your eyes.