Mixed Media on Wood Panel

Pure expanded eternity…

As an energy based embryo every day presents a new beginning coupled with some focused momentum that has you on your particular “now” path. You, as a pure expanded eternal being will always find yourself in an embryonic growth state of motion forward in route to the next adventure.
The crux of this is you are going to, as a developing embryo, have certain aspects of your life that are set in autopilot patterns, like the growth and functions of your body yet everything else is yours to create at will.
As you live, your experiences will cause you to tweak your directional growth constantly, so enjoy the unfolding journey. The joy of the eternal aspect of this “never-ending completion” means you have all that is necessary to make it work out on your behalf.
Soap operas are the perfect examples of this and you are in total control of your entire storyline, so have fun and remember that nothing serious is ever going on.